Saturday, April 24, 2021

25.04.2k21 baze.djunkiii presents Deep Exposure Volume 1 @ Radio alHara / Betlehem, Palestine

Imagine Germany in the first half of the 90s. The days before the internet. Electronic music is on the rise, yet information is hard to come by and acquiring such equals endless hours spent in local recordstores, skimming through crates, hunting for bits and pieces and missing links and most of all: the latest, previously unheard manifestations of a scene still in search for sonic boundaries, in search for a new music. Now picture a young baze.djunkiii, a few years before picking up the art of dj'ing himself, a teenage raver, junglist and hardcore head doing exactly this – hunting down new sounds in his hometown of Hamburg, stumbling upon things in the quirkier, more leftfield sections of a record shop. A strange music, certainly not made for dancefloors and even more certainly not suitable for the Ambient x ChillOut floors well common in clubs at the time. The atmospheres are dark and brooding, with ominous drones, Industrial- / dark futurism-leaning aesthetic and ever meandering structures speaking to the innermost mind and subconscious of this young music head, immediately sparking an interest in these highly experimental sounds, oftentimes even bordering what many people would consider to be 'music' in the first place. This 100% vinyl mix is a reflection of this long lasting fascination with electronic music for the mind, a deep listening soundscape working its way from Dark Ambient / Isolationist Ambient to long time forgotten favorites in terms of abstract, complex Electronica grooves and way beyond. Enjoy the ride.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]

file under: Drone / Dark Ambient / Electronica

transmission time: 23.59 Betlehem time / 00.59 GMT+1

get locked via Radio alHara

Betlehem, Palestine


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