Friday, May 21, 2021

Doko - Ikebana [El Negocito Records 094]

Coming in from the Belgium-based headoffices of the El Negocito Records imprint only recently is "Ikebana", the latest album effort created by Doko, a duo project formed by Gregor Siedl and Nicolas Chkifi which are pairing real life instruments with analog synthesizers, drum sequencers and FX on this one which covers the most perfect overall runtime of 33 minutes and 33 seconds over the course of ten tracks; including the glitched out and spine-tingling high frequency Phonk of the hard hitting opener "Cattail 1" which could be used as a high octane battle routine weapon for advanced HipHop DJ's whereas "Sweet Violet" is on a more playful and galopping tip, "Rattlesnake Master" presents highly abstract, Jazz-leaning, yet digitally processed and decaying drum works for highly advanced listeners before "Wild Indigo" goes in hard with a mixture of driving drum loops and FreeJazz / Free Improv leaning sax improvisations. Furthermore "Switchwort" focuses on spatial, loose, intimate and hyperminimalist percussion / drum patterns recorded close up and from afar and therefore making use of the 3D realm whilst cut up and reprocessed vocal samples fire random numbers towards and into ones very own head, "Blue Violet" explores a crisp, carefully layered Minimal Ambient realm before "Cattail II" provides an ever densening crescendo of a digitally retouched freestyle improvised drum solo for die-hard drum and beat headz. The subsequent "Go-To-Bed-At-Noon" takes the amalgamation of FreeJazz and an undeniable Drill'n'Bass attitude to a new level - think: Bogdan Raczynski in Improv -, "Sneezeweed" is more rattling and tumbling than sneezing and the final cut that is the "Rough Blazing Star" weighs in a proper barrage fire of highly rhythmic, muscular and rolling drums for those who do appreciate a certain type of war music in their lives. Good stuff. We're in.


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