Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lauroshilau - Live At Padova [El Negocito Records 098]

Another most recent album outing coming in from the vaults of El Negocito Records these days is "Live At Padova", the November 30th, 2k18 recorded live performance by the Free Improv trio known as Lauroshilau which consists of Audrey Lauro, Yuko Oshima and Pak Yan Lau. Combining alto saxophone and preparations, drums as well as toy pianos, synths and various electronic devices the musical triumvirate embarks on a well fascinating, roughly 43 minutes spanning journey into a sonic dreamworld, an amalgamation of haunted and x or enchanted Ambient atmospheres accompanied by fluttering, microtonal sax additions and echoes of a Cosmic / Berlin School informed attitude later evolving into a combination of dark, brooding, tectonic low end shifts paired with intense, spiralling layers of FreeJazz-leaning saxophone lines as well as ominous and danger-heralding drums rolling up to the surface from the earths innermost core, subsequently breaking down to brittle, electroacoustic near silence and taking a turn towards an extended sequence of haunting UnAmbient and highly experimental electronic soundscapes for a closing. What a ride.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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