Monday, May 31, 2021

Murcof - The Alias Sessions [The Leaf Label Promo]

Put out on the circuit on May 21st, 2k21 via The Leaf Label is Murcof's new longplay outing "The Alias Sessions" which sees the long standing Mexican producer known to his friends and parents under the name of Fernando Corona embarking on an extended sonic journey stretched out over a 2CD pack or triple vinyl album respectively. With the album being split in two parts - "Contre-Mondes" and "Normal" -, both results of an extended collaboration with choreographer Guilherme Botelho and his dance company Alias for two of their performance pieces, we see Murcof touching base with score'esque Deep Listening Music as well as highly dynamic (Neo)Cosmic / Kosmische Musik over the entire course of "Contre-Mondes" whilst adding marching, subtly threatening and surely dystopian drums in pieces like "Unboxing Utopia", further drifting into subaquatic Electronica in the aptly named, sci-fi leaning cut that is "Underwater Lament" or even dabbling with the grinding, gargantuan slow-motion sound of plate tectonics in bits like "Inevitable Truth" whilst indulging in fluttering, angelic atmospheres like those to be found in the concluding cut "Shadow Surfing". Furthermore the second part entitled "Normal" opens with the tender, nocturnal Ambient beauty of "Surface Wear" followed by the ever dynamically changing low-end pulse of "Ideology Storm" which is accompanied by icy athmospheres before further evolving into a deep, well seductive Electronica groove monster even suitable for highly advanced dancefloors whilst the "Fire Thief" caters an ever scintillating cascade of crystalline synth melodies which are likely to appeal to lovers of classic Synth and also Classical Music for a reason whereas "Systemic Amnesia" builds a sonic realm beyond our regular space and time whilst the final "Void Glance" presents a well tender and carefully arranged Cosmic perspective when it comes to Ambient and Deep Listening Music just to pick a few favorites from this well recommended longplay piece. Nice.

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