Sunday, May 30, 2021

Trond Kallevag - Fengselsfugl [Hubro Music]

Coming in from the Norwegian imprint Hubro Music these days is the May 14th, 2k21 released album "Fengselsfugl", the sophomore longplay work by Trond Kallevag for the label after his 2019 debut "Bedehus & Hawaii". With the title translating as 'jailbird / prison bird' in the English language one might not be surprised that both old Norwegian prison ballads and his experience in working with inmates have had an influence on Trond Kallevag's new, ten tracks and roughly 41 minutes spanning body of work, resulting in a stripped down, slightly twangy, yet harmonic and beautiful, oftentimes textural and surely overall melancholia-infused journey into pure instrumental guitar, both acoustic and electric, as well as steel guitar arrangements accompanied by only a minimum of additional padding that could well be described as a timeless piece of Americana, despite its Nordic origin. This said "Fengselsfugl" might be the ideal soundtrack and score for the road movie that is your life, crossing the great plains and flickering highways and living through the adventures, highs and lows and whisky fueled nights innate to such a trip. Best consumed cruising around in a high octaned fueled classic American vehicle defo up there on the upper end of the mileage spectrum. Lovely. Recommended.

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