Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Natura Est - Real Seasons [Cyclic Law 162]

Put out on the circuit in late April, 2k21 via the ever active imprint that is Cyclic Law is "Real Seasons", the third album outing by Natura Est, the conjunctional studio project of Andreas Davids and Tony Young. Both widely known and acclaimed for their solo works as Xotox and Autoclav 1.1 respectively their new longplayer clocks in at six tracks and 36 minutes and provides an even deeper and more desolate continuation of the glacial Dark Ambient / Drone approach showcased in their earlier albums, opening with the icy and hollow Isolationist Ambient cut "Rebirth Of The Solar God" which is a well lugubrious affair followed by the unsettling nature of the subsequent tectonic low end movements found in "From The Cross Quarter Day" alongside supernatural, yet non-vocal angelic choirs. Paying homage to ancient pagan rituals and silent, solemn ceremonies "The Feast Of May Eve" is as beautifully brooding and mighty as any Dark Ambient cut can get, "Midsummer" follows on a similar, yet calmer and more stripped down path for fans of productions by Tarkatak or Kallabris whereas "The Trilogy Of Harvest", another nod to pagan times, redefines Isolationst Ambient with an almost Post-(Neo)Classical note for 2k21 before working its way towards a thundering crescendo and "The Turning Wheel" provides a calm, comforting and almost womb-like atmosphere of glooming darkness for a closing. Good stuff, this.

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