Friday, June 11, 2021

Axel Dörner & Richard Scott - A Journal Of Elasticity [Bohemian Drips 014 Promo]

Released via Bohemian Drips as the labels 014 on June 4th, 2k21 is "A Journal Of Elasticity", the new collaborational album created, conceived and recorded by Richard Scott and Axel Dörner throughout the 'Speicher - Festival For Site-Specific Music' set up by the Bohemian Drips label in 2017. Using the humungous space provided by an empty water reservoir tank as a makeshift recording space the two pieces on this 37 minutes spanning album - "The Near-field Of An Accelerating Dislocation" as well as ""Discontinuity Within A Continuum In The Presence Of Electromagnetic Fields" - fully explore the vast dimensions of the Berlin-based location which well obviously adds a new, three-dimensional layer to the duo's improvised compositions which, in the first implementation present a stripped down, vantablack electronic foundation occasionally accompanied by yearning, siren'esque layers of electronically augmented trumpet, detailed electro-acoustic sound generation and what could be Field Recordings from exoterrestrial alien swamps whereas the second cut, a captured festival live performance, takes a turn towards a more intense sound aesthetic, weighing in ear-piercing sequences of digital midrange Noize, highly sculpted, flickering bleeps, robotic, sci-fi-leaning movements and an overall sense of futurism even though plucked strings and highly fragmented remainders of Indietronica and hyperabstract Post-PostRock occur before the composition is working its way up towards a short and heavy high frequency crescendo and what seems to be a warped, mostly Max/MSP generated closing. Proper good.


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