Thursday, June 03, 2021

Maulgruppe - Hitsignale [Major Label 157]

Recently released, a little more than two years after the groups firstling "Tiere In Tschernobyl", via Jena-based Major Label is "Hitsignale", the eleven tracks and 34 minutes spanning sophomore album by the Jens Rachut-led Maulgruppe, the latest outlet for the never dwindling creative energy innate to the poetic anarchist that the man Rachut is. And yes, it is yet another trademark album for those in the know. Drawing inspiration and energy from the PunkRock scene that has been a welcoming home for Rachut ever since, highly energetic, 100% uptempo and yet less synthesizer- / ElectroPunk-leaning than projects like Alte Sau or N.R.F.B. used to be whilst sonically painting the world in dark'ish, leaden grey colours associated with PostPunk / (No)Wave and the desolate clouds of threatening, claustrophic fear and oppression of the cold war era - all mixed up with the lead singers unique vocal cascades reflecting upon the state of himself as well as the ongoing decay of society and digital age, all triggered and inspired by personal experience and research conducted whilst living well isolated in a secluded shed out in the woods. Probably not as accessible as its predecessor yet a well worthy follow up that will well speak to the innermost cycle of Jens Rachut fans for a reason. Or many.

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