Wednesday, June 02, 2021

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k21

01. Taylor Swift - Evermore [Republic Records]
It's been roughly six months since I've preordered the vinyl version of Taylor Swift's latest album "Evermore" and it's been well worth the wait, especially not diving deep into the streaming realm even though I couldn't help myself but listen to the "Coney Island (Lyric Video)" every once in a while. But taking in "Evermore" as a full body of work hits differently, the forest green vinyl cut looks and sounds pristine and bits like "Champagne Problems" or the bonus track "Right Were You Left Me" are, once again, immediate Americana / IndieFolk classics, "Gold Rush" even dabbles with contemporary, yet highly cinematic Electronic Club Music whilst "No Body, No Crime" featuring the HAIM sisters is an ultimate bop - and probably a surprise closing track for future DJ sets of mine. 100% recommended.

02. Logic1000 - You've Got The Whole Night To Go [Therapy]
Samantha Poulter a.k.a. Logic1000 is back with a new 12" released on the relatively fresh Therapy label, providing nothing but joy and a handful of bang0rz. No matter if it's the deep, groove-infused House x TechHouse crossover of "Like My Way", the ecstatic Breakbeat x UK Hardcore x Rave vibe of "I Won't Forget", the surprisingly Electro-leaning "Medium" or even the more tool-oriented, bass heavy Techno of "Her" - these tunes are tailor-made for pleasure and ultimate peak time (ab)use.

03. Mycrotom - Ratoratiyo [MKNG-001]
Tom Simonetti a.k.a. Mycrotom is going all in for his solo album debut on vinyl with this one, exploring an oftentimes poly-rhythmic sonic realm consisting of IDM, hints of Electro, various 'Post-' incarnations of Bass Music as well as an innate playfulness that cannot be denied. Plus: yours truly a.k.a. baze.djunkiii provided the line notes for this album which should be an additional reason to check it out.

04. Suburban Knight - Nocturbulous Behaviour [Underground Resistance 011]
Another classic repress from the vaults of the UR / Underground Resistance camp straight outta motor city Detroit which takes us back to the year 1993. James Pennington a.k.a. The Suburban Knight embraces the darker, moodier and well hypnotic side of Detroit Techno with this one, providing DJ's with atmospheric, yet intense, hypnotic and super muscular tools for the super late / early morning hours of the night when the crowd has turned into an amorphous mass of bodies on the dancefloor, covered in sweat and longing for nothing but the ecstatic state of mind induced by a relentless, ever pounding beat.

05. Ojah ft. Nik Torp - Notting Hill / Notting Hill Dub [Alchemy Dubs]
A nice 7" Dub find, this. Uplifting, positive, slightly psychedelic and yet accessible enough to lure even non-Dub headz into a bass driven dreamworld for a few minutes. A sweet little ting, this.

06. Digitalism - JPEG [Magnetism Testpress]
See review for details...

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