Thursday, June 10, 2021

Hugo Race - Dishee [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled to be put out on the circuit via the ever active Polish label Gustaff Records on June 11th, 2k21 is "Dishee", the new, five tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning album by Melbourne based producer, artist and composer Hugo Race who - amonst many other musings and a plethora of credits on Discogs - also was part of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and still is a part of the follow up Nick Cave & The Cavemen. Embarking on an explorative trip into the realm of what Race describes as '...ancient spiritual techniques...' in the accompanying press sheet throughout the Australian lockdown - including Sufi breathing techniques, yoga, mantras and whatnot - as well as suffering from sort of a family tragedy this new album is Hugo Race's very own musical exorcism, overcoming and a relief from all the hindrances and obstacles he had to face - and a turn towards a new mysticism and an inward looking aesthetic. Opening with the deep organic vibes of "So Hung" which would've been a staple in Buddha Bar DJ-sets as well as on Ambient / ChillOut floors of 90s raves and large scale festivals whilst the subsequent "iAmUr" dabbles with a droning, psychedelic and somewhat Pink Floyd-infused guitar sound before "FOA" weighs in a doomed, mysterious take on Desert Blues-infested PostRock for those fighting the monsters and demons found deep within one's own innermost core. Furthermore the 15+ minutes piece "Akaal" is a tantric trip into a contemporary interpretation of Kraut-oriented Berlin School floatations whereas the concluding cut named "Blue Pearl" provides a perfect soundtrack for late night meditation and self exploration in pandemic-induced isolation and beyond. Deep. Organic. Listening. Music.


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