Sunday, June 06, 2021

Cram Ration - Cram Ration [Rare & Treacherous Records 048]

Put out on the citcuit via the label that is Rare & Treacherous Records as their 048 on May 21st, 2k21 is "Cram Ration", the self-titled debut album by the Teun Verbruggen-led trio collaboration Cram Ration in which the renowned drummer teamed up with Vitja Pauwels and Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy to explore a new sonic realm. Based on a combination of drums, various electronics and guitars the group manages to fuse a loose and highly improvisational approach, PostPunk x (No)Wave infused echoes of greyscale'ish Desolation PostRock and Post-PostRock, twisted, nerve-wrecking feedbacks, utterly fragmented Electronica and, at times, a good portion of Noize in its opener "Mevrouw Post Van Gisteren" whereas cuts like "Bidzil" provide ominous, minimalist sequences defo speaking to fans of the often cited project Village Of Savoonga or even indulge in a fragile, intimate interplay of near silence, stripped down, comforting, yet dark'ish guitar pulses and drums recorded from quite a distance as they are to be found in "Lye" to provide just a few examples of the meandering, ever evolving sonic environment brought to life by Cram Ratio in their intense, yet spine-tingling firstling of which the last cut "Sf > Si" might be our favorite for a reason. Check.

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