Saturday, June 05, 2021

Jean-Philippe Gross & Jerome Noetinger - Nos Cadavres [Eich 004]

Released on May 21st, 2k21 as 004 of the 2019-installed Eich label is "Nos Cadavres, the latest collaboration album cooked up by Jean-Philippe Gross & Jerome Noetinger. Recorded in late 2k20 the four tracks and 43 minutes spanning longplay piece is based on a foundation of Serge Modular, Field Recordings, mixer feedback, tape manipulation and several other compositional techniques oftentimes associated with Musique Concrete as well as a distinct form of electronic back-and-forth collaboration which results in an oftentimes harsh, dry and highly glitched out take on Digital Noize modulations, heavy bursts of compressed midrange frequencies alongside, or directly followed up, by brittle, intense communication signals from the upper end of the audible spectrum or somewhat tongue-in-cheek chirping and b(l)eeping, brutal HarshNoize madness whilst other sequences are touching base with Clicks'n'Cuts, outerworldly sweeps of unknown origin as well as unsettling tectonic low end shifts, picked up radio communications or modified power drills whilst the final cut that is "Cadavre 06" even dives deep into minimalist, psyched out Dark Ambient x Rhythm Industrial realms in its intro sequence before working its way up to a massive Noize crescendo and Plunderphonics resembling cut-up techniques for a braincell wrenching closing. Intense.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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