Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Trope Ashes - Push The Frozen Soul [Baumusik 063 Promo]

Set for release on June 25th, 2k21 via the Cologne-based imprint Baumusik is "Push The Frozen Soul", the new six track EP conceived by the local duo Trope Ashes which are exploring and expanding their sonic universe over the course of roughly 23 minutes, starting with the beautifully spaced out and twisted Leftfield Pop of "All Is Yours" which fuses 90s Alternative vibes and echoes and echoes of Depeche Mode-influences with intense, glitch-heavy FuturePop and a storming crescendo of Digital Noize whereas "Rockstar" presents an amalgamation of blurry, intimate Indie atmospheres and highly compressed GlitchPop / Vaporwave whilst "Wooahh" weighs in a shimmering array of haunted emotions and advanced dancefloor functionality - think Superorganism for a vibe here. Furthermore "Being Haunted" indulges in twisted, hyperfragmented Post Future R'n'B, "SCREAM" - in capital letters - brings forth an intensity and complexity somewhat similar to Björk in the 90s and the final cut that is "Sabada" even approaches Leftfield Pop from an acoustic, tender and ballad'esque angle. File under: hypermodernist web music.


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