Monday, July 12, 2021

Karkhana - Al Azraqayn [Karlrecords 086 Promo]

Released via the ever active Karlrecords imprint on July 9th, 2k21 is "Al Azraqayn", the latest album outing cooked up live by the multi-member collective that is Karkhana - basically a conglomerate of artists x musicians at home in the Middle Eastern experimental  scene, all renowned for their solo achievements and their involvement in a plethora of groups and projects. Recorded on stage at Bimhuis / Amsterdam on July 3rd, 2k19 the eight pieces on this album, stretched out over a whopping 84 minutes playtime, capture the energy and versatility of the collective in one monumental album which incorporates elements of tripping Psychedelic Rock as well as ever meandering sequences of fever'ish Arab- / DesertKraut, inevitable citations of Oriental cliches, heavy guitar feedbacks and distortions, intricate post-melodic spirallings, bits of Jazz as well as screaming, hysterical FreeJazz explosions and even fragments that some might consider to be somewhat Tarantino'esque in terms of speaking of soundtrack x score suitability for movies directed by the now Hollywood legend. An album like a whirlwind, powerful, rousing, overwhelming and hard to grasp within one sitting only. Which might go for live experienced Karkhana shows as well. Intriguing.


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