Sunday, July 11, 2021

Xotox - Ultima I [Infacted Recordings]

Put out on the circuit via Infacted Recordings only recently is Xotox' "Ultima I" - the first part of a two CD album set that's closely examining the history and development of Andreas Davids' famed Industrial / EBM / HardTechno outfit. Opening with "Eisenkiller", probably the projects biggest hit and most recognized tune ever, followed by cuts like "Nasse Wände", "Sla Tilbakka", "Schwanengesang", the uptempo and almost Hardcore-bordering madness of "[PSI]" as well as more recent productions like "UFO" and "Wir Haben Die Wirklichkeit Zerstört" amongst others it is pretty clear what we're in for - mechanical brutalism, hypercompressed bass drums and grinding, nerve-wrecking dancefloor structures in combination with robotic movements, oftentimes psychotic vocal samples and the occasional shimmering synth motif to provide at least a spark of hope on vantablack dancefloors and in secluded sonic torture chambers with screaming high-end PA's cranked up to the max. There is no mercy. There is no hope.


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