Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lisa Ullen / Anna Högberg - Step Up A Second [Disorder 009]

Lined up for release via the artist-run imprint Disorder as the labels 009 is "Step Up A Second", the latest one take album effort brought to life by piano-player Lisa Ullen and saxophonist Anna Högberg alongside a plethora of collaborators taking part in the live realization of this 33 minutes spanning piece which elegantly fuses an emotionally dramatic, ever meandering and highly expressive, whilst in parts nightly and noir'esque, interplay of two main instruments accompanied by sequences of intricately layered, hyperdetailed micro-additions and what might filed under the flag of Granular Jazz movements later moving forward into late night slow grooves and complex FreeJazz arrangements before breaking down into an extended period of near silence only to emerge once again in a livelier, somewhat even frolicking and - at least in parts - not less dramatic manner. One for the real Jazz x FreeJazz x Contemporary Jazz connaisseurs out there.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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