Friday, July 30, 2021

T. Griffin - The Proposal (Original Soundtrack) [Constellation 151 Promo]

Released by the long-standing Constellation imprint in June, 2k21 is T. Griffin's "The Proposal", the original soundtrack the Brooklynite created for Jill Magid's very first feature film of the same name which, as a part of an even bigger project, deals with the legacy of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and how his work and estate is dealt with after his passing. With this kinda complex and conceptual topic to tackle musically T. Griffin decides to open his score on a rather floating, ethereal and Ambient-leaning tip in "Dearest Frederica" before thundering drums, later followed by soothing Jazz arrangements, produce an initial sonic jumpscare when seamlessly, yet dramatically progressing into "Grass Hands I" whilst drifting further into spiralling, floating Synth / Easy Listening realms with "Manufacture", taking on a solemn, naturalistic and ruminant angle in the part folksy "Void Room And Reliquary", drifting off into a short scenic Ambient episode in "The Jeweller" whilst "The Nun With The Chipped Tooth" takes the Ambient / Score approach to a brittle, clear and shimmering early morning-, right before sunrise-level and defo is a standout tune amongst the ones named and unnamed on this beautiful soundtrack album.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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