Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Cass. - Ambient Music For A Young Girl [Growing Bin Records 032 Test Pressing]

Another fresh one to come via the ever active Growing Bin Records label is Cass.' new album aptly named "Ambient Music For A Young Girl". Scheduled for release on September 3rd, 2k21 the German artist, whose name might ring a bell for regular long-time readers and followers of these pages, is coming back with a total of six brand new Ambient outings, further cementing and carving out his very personal approach and niche within the scene with a well balanced combination of icey, somewhat glacial, time-defying background dronings in combination with expertly sculpted naturalisms, frolicking miniatures and enchanted melodies telling tales of untrodden, untouched beauty which solely exists for the simple cause of existence alone as well as dreamy Piano Ambient and - especially when it comes to the B1 cut "Hey Sun" and its direct sucessor "Waling" - most tender, slightly washed out genre blueprints for dedicated collectors of classy, comforting Deep Listening Music. And that's exactly what this one is. Check.


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