Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido - Traantjes [Astral Editions 022]

Scheduled for release via the Astral Editions-imprint on August 27th, 2k21 is "Traantjes", the sophomore album outing by Jeroen Kimman's project Orquesta Del Tiempo Perdido. Originally written for a septet setting but, amidst and wriggling around the covid-19 induced restrictions as well as making use of decentralized way of working, ending up with a total of 21 contributing artists x musicians the roughly 50 minutes and eleven tracks spanning longplayer is a true, yet somewhat tongue-in-cheek, homage to classic twangy Easy Listening x Exotica - think: twangy guitars, sweet cocktails and the most cliche version of Hawaii one can imagine - for hot tropical summer settings, following a musical approach which, for what reason ever, has totally fallen out of time and fashion these days and therefore rather seems to be fascinating relict unearthed from another era than a most recent release even though wild, raw and untamed, partially clunky and over the top bits like "Dos O Tres Cervezas" seem to approach the genre from an angle that could be filed under the flag of Exotica Punk / Punxotica whilst "Poppin' Chops" is touching base with dreamy 60s Exotica Pop (...and echoes of French songwriting), "Bubble" represents freefloating, well psychedelia-infused Novelty cuts whereas the short interlude named "Elastiek" is as elastic and bendy as its name might suggest and "Bye Bye Things" waves farewell in a truly melancholia-inducing manner just to pick a few remarkable cuts from this utterly unique album. Truly something different.

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