Sunday, August 08, 2021

Afflicted - Unity + Remixes [Afflicted In Techno]

Coming in via mail these days is "Unity + Remixes", the latest - and first - double cassette tape remix pack released by the German underground Techno duo Afflicted on their very own label named Afflicted In Techno. Whilst their original version of  "Unity" Afflicted provides a taste of floating and somewhat even mystical TechTrance for illegal, Psy-infused open airs out in the woods which will be enchanted by ethereal female non-vocalisms in this one the total of twelve remix versions presented on this limited to 50 copies release, crafted by the likes of Jens Mueller, S3KTOR, Duck Sandoval, Gregor Size, Pitch!, El Atalaya and many more, do cover the entire spectrum from gallopping uptempo Rave variations to clean cut, somewhat mechanical HardTechno / Industrial crossovers as well as Deep Trance and eerie, hypnotic, well dark and threatening Techno and even Electro for all underground tape collectors out there.

Cassette artwork on Instagram!


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