Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Notstandskomitee - Theme From Space Guards [Block4]

And it is finally happening. Malte Steiner's long standing project named Notstandskomitee is back on the vinyl circuit these days with a special gem not only speaking to all fans of raw Electro, 8bit bleeps and Vaporwave but also to die hard fans of retro-leaning Computer Game Music. Put on the circuit via Block4 as a limited edition of 300 12" copies pressed on beautiful translucent orange vinyl the "Theme From Space Guards" EP caters a menu of four not exactly new Notstandskomitee cuts that were originally programmed and recorded in 2005 for Steiner's very own video game of the same name as this release. Starting out with the title track on A1 we're drawn into a sonic realm of 80s Miami neon glitz, Munich Disco bass lines and shiny synth melodies atop a raw, lofi drum machine foundation whereas the subsequent "Battle On Mars" weighs in tense, highly dramatic Electro for fans of labels like Bunker, Bunker Darknet or RotterHague Records, once again accompanied by crystalline, ethereal synth lines as well as hard hitting percussion shots for those who know. On the flip we've got "Skycity", another drifting SpaceElectro excursion well suitable for those who already hold imprints like Das Drehmoment or Astro Chicken in high regards alongside compilation series like 'Cosmic Machine' whereas "Cosmos" fully indulges in playful, frolicking spaced out Synth elegies and uplifting, almost groovy electroid rhythms for a joyful closing. Lovely.


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