Sunday, November 14, 2021

Jørgen Teller - Public Vibraphone [Clang 072 Promo]

Put on the the digital circuit on November 12th, 2k21 via the ever active imprint that is Clang is "Public Vibraphone", the latest album concept thought up by composer x artist x sound researcher Jørgen Teller. Derived from a set of stereo loops initially created for the 2k20 edition of The Sparkling Sound Festival which were later re-recorded and electronically treated Teller caters a menu of nine, overall roughly 48 minutes spanning, compositions on this one, leading from a brittle, yet ethereal and Ambient-leaning loop approach in the opening piece that is "Doororr" to stripped down, solemn polyrhythms of an inward looking, almost meditative nature, progressing further into retrofuturist, glassy and most beautiful SpaceAmbient textures in bits like "Shrüften", touching base with tectonic Dark Ambient shifts in "Immulatori" whilst providing plinkering, almost festive goodness alongside atmospheric crackles in "Lizterra" and bringing forth tense, crystalline sci-fi minimalism in "Swwiww" just to name a few. A well beautiful and intimate listening experience, this. Check.


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