Friday, October 29, 2021

Jerusalem In My Heart - Qalaq [Constellation Records 158]

Put on the circuit via Montreal-based label Constellation Records on October 8th, 2k21 is "Qalaq", the latest album by Radwan Gazi Moumneh's multi-media project Jerusalem In My Heart who, alongside several contributing artists like Lucrecia Dalt, Oiseau-Tempete or Tim Hecker amongst others, creates a 13 tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning longplayer conceptually revolving around the Arabic word "Qalaq" - a certain kind of deep worry which is pretty present in the heart of the Lebanese-Canadian musician due to the political as well as civil developments and ongoings in one of his two motherlands. This being said, the main language of "Qalab" is Arabic, spoken and sung by Radwan Gazi Moumneh atop a foundation of buzuk - a lute-like long necked string instrument - which is then deconstructed and re-arranged by the projects collaborators with their contributions being added to and woven into the original recordings. The results of these process vary widely, ranging from the both ethereal and hyperviolent sequences presented in "Abyad Barraq" to fragile combinations of electro-acoustic minimalism and slighty reprocessed Spoken Word loops ("Sa'at"), brooding, primal and well intense PostRock x Industrial fusion pieces like "'Ana Lisan Wahad", sparse, inward-looking, yet defragmented and distorted guitar meanderings in "Qalaq 2" as well as icey Cold Ambient atmospheres paired with calm, deeply touching and emotional vocals provided by VIZ to be found in "Qalaq 6" just to name a few. An album both eclectic and spine-tingling at the same time, yet one that requires patience and time as it's not one that easily gives out every little detail even after multiple listening sessions. Recommended.

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