Saturday, October 30, 2021

Kuunatic - Gate Of Klüna [Glitterbeat Records Promo]

Released via Glitterbeat Records on October 29th, 2k21 is "Gate Of Klüna" which is the first full length album outing by the Tokyo-based three piece band that is Kuunatic. Following up to only one previous EP as well as a split-7" single "Gate Of Klüna" comes at us as a fully fledged, eight tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning longplayer which sees the band members, who've been inspired to sort of name themselves after the Finnish word for 'moon' which is 'kuu' and shape their imagined space sci-fi fantasy world around it, further explore a sonic universe built on a foundation of heavy, psychedelic guitars and primal drums present from the very start of the albums opener "Dewbow" which also brings forth influences of traditional Japanese melodies and what might be referred to in the Western world as - somewhat cliche - an overall Asian touch without drifting into esoteric World Music territories. Yet rather we see Kuunatic drawing inspiration from a wide range of styles, be it the obvious Oriental DesertRock meets dark PostPunk of "Desert Empress Part. 1" with its intense, multilayered and perfectly synchronized vocals and fever'ish, ritualistic vibe, the driving, positively experimental madness spread by the "Full Moon Spree", the deep, score'esque JRock of "Titian" which could easily function as an epic title theme for some flashy, highly complex anime series of sorts whilst "Raven's War" brings forth an extended, doomed and spine-tingling DesertRock intro before taking a turn towards folksy, yet still dark and dangerous story telling just to name a few. Kuunatic are on a kuunatic tip for sure. Fascinating.


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