Friday, November 26, 2021

Olivia Block - Innocent Passage In The Territorial Sea [Room40 Promo]

Another freshly released album outing coming in from Australia's ever active Room40 imprint is "Innocent Passage In The Territorial Sea", the latest longplay effort by Chicago-based sound artist and composer Olivia Block and the latest addition to her 20+ years spanning catalogue. With a total of six tracks spanning a little more than 35 minutes runtime we see Olivia Block building a deeply woven sonic structure based on a foundation of seven bass notes, reappearing in various iterations of the same pattern over the course of the entire piece, pairing comforting, all embracing organic low frequency movements with crisp and ethereal pads of oftentimes Synth- or (Neo)Cosmic-leaning nature in the opener "Axiolite" whereas "Laika" reveals an icey and brittle, yet even shocking and probably deadly off-kilter approach which evokes memories of soul-eating entities crossing over into our world from another multi-dimensional realm of existence. With "Great Northern, 34428" Olivia Block returns to calmer lands with an amalgamation of panoramic synth pads and a steady, yet slightly irregular rhythm signature reminiscent of an old automobile motor mixed far into the back ground of the tune, "En Echelon" combines an overwhelming, ever pulsating bass drone with more off'ish, washed out, maritime and vintage sounding Mellotron improvisations whereas "Through Houses" employs more of a classic, well relaxing Ambient vibe before "Rivers In Reverse" waves goodbye on a festive, somewhat chiming and surely charming tip, weighing in a bit of a sweet vintage lo-fi attitude for a closing.


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