Thursday, November 25, 2021

Dullmea & Ricardo Pinto - Orduak [self-released]

A self released artist album. A thing one doesn't come across too often these days, at least not on the physical circuit as many artists follow the part of convenience, uploading tune after tune to platforms like Soundcloud until a - oftentimes digital - label signs them and more or less helps out in terms of a digital infrastructure and exposure. This said, there are exceptions and one is to be found in "Orduak", the eight tracks and roughly 30 minutes spanning album by Dullmea and Ricardo Pinto which is about to be released independently on November 25th, 2k21. Starting from scratch inspired by a Portuguese sentence more or less randomly chosen for its sonic beauty and harmony the two collaborating artists embark on a stripped down, minimalistic Ambient journey built from both tender electronic textures and ethereal, layered non-vocalisms for the most part with pieces like the dark, Clicks'n'Cuts-infused "Please Mind The Gap" and its brooding, hollow and vault-like atmosphere providing an exception from the overall musical norm on this one which soon finds redemption in the subsequent "Nem Fogo, Nem Vento, Nem Sopro" and its heavenly, ecclesiastical choir layers and overall festive vibe which is also matched in cuts like "Archaea" just to name a few. Defo a nice addition for Ambient collectors out there even though it seems many tunes end way too abprubtly and after too short a runtime to really unfold and provide the calm and relaxing vibe they set out to provide.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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