Saturday, November 27, 2021

Vitor Joaquim - Quietude [self-released]

And here we go with another self-released album that's been hitting the electronic music circuit these days. Put out on October 15th, 2k21 via Portuguese composer Vitor Joaquim is "Quietude", a seven tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning album piece originally initiated and commissioned for a musical live performance which, like many other things throughout what seem to be the past two years, never came to full on fruition due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. Now available digitally as well as full CD we see Vitor Joaquim surely live up to the promises the album title is making, delivering a calm and quiet, stripped down and spatial album piece comprised of chiming, minimalist melodic sequences of timeless, ethereal quality - floating beyond time and space on their own or being accompanied by brooding, unsettling low frequency drones and bass pulses creeping up from eerie subsurface vaults and hollows in pieces like "A Casa" which also introduces sustained, longing trumpet melancholia for DarkJazz connaisseurs to the musical mix whereas partially layered Field Recordings of various origins are prevalent in cuts like "A Vessada" or the hypernaturalist "A Eira" whilst "O Pombal" harks back to a swell of brooding, vantablack nocturnal Drone minimalism for the headstrong just to name a few. File under: Deep Listening Music for cold winter nights. Headphone consumption and total isolation recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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