Thursday, November 18, 2021

Ingar Zach / Michele Rabbia - Musique Pour Deux Corps [Sofa Music]

Released via Norway's ever active experimental music staple Sofa Music on November 12th, 2k21 is "Musique Pour Deux Corps", the new collaborational album effort created in between Ingar Zach and Michele Rabbia - and their second conjunctional work in total. Born out of curiosity and an idea of there being a world of what is referred to as 'new percussion music' in the accompanying promo sheet, "Musique Pour Deux Corps" is presenting a sparse yet spatial array of highly complex, yet in a way also archaic and fever'ish, ever evolving rhythm signatures paired with vantablack electronic atmospheres and a cold, almost alienating tension, a feel of imminent danger as well as total urgency which results in a fascinating take on dystopian, monolithic Post-Industrial, only interrupted by tender Ambient pieces like "Cellule Lyrique" which provide a shimmering, diffuse reflection of light whilst the timeless DarkAmbient movements of "Joy" cater a feel of deep space stasis and a distant future unimaginably far away whereas "Mutation II" even deals with longing minimalisms and an innate feel of millenia spanning grief and isolation paired with highly digital Electronica vibes just to name a few. Defo one that has a lot to offer for multiple focused listening sessions. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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