Monday, November 22, 2021

Gintas K - Nervus Vagus [GK Rec. #05]

Coming in all the way from Lithuania recently is "Nervus Vagus", the latest and October 31st, 2k21 released album outing by Gintas Kraptavicius, better known as Gintas K to many fans and followers of experimental electronic and electro-acooustic music. Put out as #05 of his very own label GK Rec. the album explores the depth and possibilities of granular synthesis in combination with, and this is a first, Spoken Word narratives which explore the world from a variety of angles and standpoints in terms of age, gender and topics according to the accompanying press sheet even though the vocal contributions are oftentimes fragmented and buried deep within the ever changing flow of bleeps, singular, yet digitally clean clangs and sterile atmospheres - plus: maybe most importantly, the language in use is probably Lithuanian and therefore incomprehensible to us in terms of content. This said, pieces like "Keep Walking" or "Pastys Story" provide a beautifully brittle, almost glassy and subaquatic take on Ambient minimalism defying any boundaries of our space-time-continuum as a singular entity, a closed sonic cosmos beyond our planes of existence whilst "Saule Fairy Tale About Dogs, Piglets & A Wolf" reveals a bubbling, chromatic array of cascading, highly detailed micro-glitches, "Maryte Story" weighs in a brooding, dystopian sci-fi Dark Ambient feel alongside minimalistic, scraping sound textures whereas the nearly 14 minutes spanning bonus cut "+ All We Are" reveals a fascinating array of computational sounds blips just to name a few. Great stuff for lovers of advanced avantgarde music. Check.


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