Friday, December 17, 2021

Christian Rønn - Swimming In Empty Pool [Clang 071 Promo]

Another fresh one put out on the circuit via Clang as their 071 on December 3rd, 2k21 is "Swimming In Empty Pool", the latest retrospective compilation album dealing with the musical output of Danish composer and organ player Christian Rønn over the five year period spanning from 2016 to 2021, covering a range of seven tracks in total rolled out over the course of roughly 42 minutes. Opening with the tender chiming atmospheric Ambient of "Bending Glass" which evokes faint memories of works like Aube's "Deglaze" for longtime fans and followers of electroacoustic music before glitched out distortion signals begin to break and disturb the continous stream of sonic calmness Rønn paves the way for things to come like the subsequent, beautifully floating "Beyond" which pairs plinkering synth tones with 90s IDM / ChillOut vibes and what seem to be plucked and reprocessed harp strings before "Diesel" drifts off into scraping, highly detailed hyperdigital granular MicroNoize territories paired with ghostly unrecognizable swooshes able to send cold shivers down your spine - especially if you're susceptible to ASMR stimulation. Furthermore "Synker Med Robot" deals with uncanny multilayered and phase-shifting tonal movements which come across as distorted transmissions from a distant dimension sifting through the barriers of space and time, later accompanied by an intense shamanic vocal performance, the "Time Farm" is fed by harmonic, yet somewhat futuristic and sci-fi leaning metallic vibrations and their overall spatial movement whereas "Evolve" has electronic computational bleeps, modular blips and layers of swampy microbubbles slowly falling into place to form an abstract rhythm signature and the concluding cut named "Electrons" is following on a similar path into a realm of harmonic micropatterns before performing a 180 degree turn towards reprocesses Jazz loops and fragmented Field Recordings for a closing. Lovely.


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