Saturday, December 18, 2021

User44856009320 - System EP [User Recordings 034 Promo]

Another one released by the digital imprint that is User Recordings on May 1st, 2k21 is the "System EP", a two track single crafted in the studio setting of User44856009320. Whilst the opening cut named "Missile System" brings forth a pumping, highly seductive crossover between TechHouse and ElectroHouse paired with a trancey, melodic twist and harmonic Clonk basslines the subsequent closing cut "The Big Manner" is shifting gears to reach maximum speed, presenting a banging, heavily compressed take on hyperfunctional peak time Techno accompanied by shrieking synth modulations setting out to slowly deconstruct your innermost consciousness before epic BigRoom Trance pads come to save your soul - at least throughout the tunes' large scale breakdown sequences. Bang.


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