Sunday, December 19, 2021

480 & The D3VI7 - The YPS CD Engraver [Bang Le Dex 045 Promo]

Released only recently on the Chicago-based digital imprint Bang Le Dex as their 045 is "The YPS CD Engraver", a collaborational five track EP crafted by The D3VI7 and the mysterious production force named 480. With all tracks subsequently titled "The YPS CD Engraver 01 - 05" the two producers are paying homage to a former German childrens and youth magazine named YPS with the title which usually came with all sorts of weird gimmicks alongside each issue, covering musical grounds ranging from raw and stripped down, yet not necessarily minimalist cuts sitting smack bang in the middle between pumping House and banging Techno, fiddling with scraping filter banks and huge overwhelming low end harmonics, hyperfunctional ClubTechno x HardHouse hybrids and even echoes of early 90s Trance and Rave cuts coming out of Italy at the time. We're all in for this due to its unpolished and energetic attitude.


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