Monday, December 20, 2021

Ghedalia Tazartes - Gospel Et Le Rateau [Bisou Records 014]

Scheduled for release on January 4th, 2k22, nearly one year after his passing, is "Gospel Et le Rateau", the new and final album by French artist and singer Ghedalia Tazartes which will hit the stores via Bisou Records . Finished and almost finalized at the time of his untimely decease in February the 17 tracks spread out over approximately 40 minutes are a testament to Tazartes' four decades spanning career, a selection of formerly unpublished songs and compositions hand-picked and selected over the course of almost 2 years, musically drifting from Avantgarde-leaning, almost collage'esque arrangements, sometimes paired with beautiful piano melancholia, to intense Spoken Word performances accompanied by brutal guitar riffing, twisted and filtered Indie / SingerSongwriter efforts and even Punk- / Industrial- / Plunderphonics-infused cuts which are falling together, even though they touch base with a super eclectic range of styles and genres, in a surprisingly coherent, thrilling and spine-tingling manner which makes "Gospel Et Le Rateau" an essential addition for everyone who seeks out a sonic experience that simply denies and defies any genre-related boundaries, drawers or attempts of musical pidgeonholing. Eclectic? Yes. In the most exciting way one can even think of.

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