Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Robbie Lee - Prismatist [Relative Pitch Records]

Another relatively fresh album on the US-based Relative Pitch Records imprint is "Prismatist" - the latest, 14 tracks and roughly 37 minutes spanning longplay effort created by NYC's Robbie Lee, performer and improviser who employed a saxophone and tuning forks in early July of 2k18 to record the music featured on this one in an empty house somewhere, without any additional overdubs. Released on November 5th, 2k21 "Prismatist" is providing a musical ark built of miniatures spanning from harsh, spiralling FreeJazz / Free Improv workouts to tender, inward-looking and almost Electronica / Ambient resembling pieces like the most beautiful, timelessly floating "The Expanded Present", contemporary, minimalist Avantgarde compositions x Minimal Music in "Dot Dash", imagined echoes of brittle radio static and lost, fragmented AM transmissions in "Timecode" and deep, timeless and almost computational arrangements with a well intriguing retrofuturist attitude in "Colorfield" alongside many more improvised solo Jazz pieces just to name a few. Quite a diverse album coming out of such a minimalist array of tonal sources.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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