Monday, March 28, 2022

Iguan - Heaven's Door [Lab'ut 002]

Put out on the circuit as 002 of the Lab'ut label on March 11th, 2k22 as an edition of 500 hand-numbered copies is "Heaven's Door", the new conjunctional album effort thought up and realized by Claire Trouilloud and Yerri-Gaspar Hummel under their shared artistic nomme de guerre that is Iguan. Fusing a combination of vocal performance techniques and live electronics in improvised recording sessions the duo achieves a tender, chiming and overall ethereal sonic aesthetic from the very first seconds of the opener "Maguyn" onwards, moves over into hyperminimalist Leftfield Pop territories accompanied by dark'ish spatial textures in "Waves" and even touches base with styles like naturalistic Ethno Ambient - remember those "Buddha Bar" compilations from back in the days ? -, brings on twisted Deep Listening Music in cuts like "Heaven's Door II" whilst "Heaven's Door III" gets deeply entangled in an amalgamation of Industrial x Spoken Word whereas "Heaven's Door VI", alongside many other pieces, provides almost theatrical qualities in its dramatic non-vocalisms and spine-tingling, almost (Neo)Cosmic low end arrangements just to name a few. A fascinating journey for all lovers of advanced Ambient and true Avantgarde music, this. Check.


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