Sunday, March 27, 2022

Moy - Jovian Sunrise EP [Amen Tec 001]

The first catalogue number of the brand new Amen Tec-label, brought to us by the Vinyl Fanatiks camp as a collaborative effort between the two imprints Amen Brother and Emotec, is Moy's Sunrise "Jovian EP" which was released in 2k21. Opening with the title track "Jovian Sunrise" we see Moy exploring a sonic realm comprised of rolling, ethereal atmospheric Drum'n'Bass paired with deepest, almost overwhelming subs and positive, frolicking Acid modulations for dedicated sunrise sets whereas the follow up that is the "Mystic Attenuator" caters a complex, yet positive IDM x Future Jungle vision which surprisingly undershoots even NuSkoolBreaks tempowise and therefore leaves more room for elements to unfold, especially when it comes to the tunes crystalline main motif and carefully layered pads. On the flip Silver Fox takes on "Jovian Sunrise" remixwise, catering a serving of hefty, brooding Jungle madness oozing danger, havoc and crimescene vibes from every twisted signal and warped, inverted hoover sound whilst the subsequent "Mystic Attenuator *Fugitive Remix" harks back to an era of stepping Atmospheric Drum'n'Bass in its intro sequence before absolutely cold flooring punters with a combination of deadly, klaxon'esque low end madness emerging from the deepest vaults ever imaginable which are nicely contrasted by harmonic breaks providing a silver lining at the end of a long dark tunnel.

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