Tuesday, March 29, 2022

ISYSXAE - Hyper Nature [Gusstaff Records]

Coming in straight from the label offices of the Poland-based imprint that is Gusstaff Records is "Hypernature", the first ever outing by the trio cryptically named ISYSXAE which has officially been released on March 18th, 2k22. Formed in spring of 2k21 and comprised of an international set of artists, namely Tom Chant, Ferran Fages and Pere Xirau, with each individual being both a renowned composer, improviser and instrumentalist on his own, ISYSXAE sets off on a well fragmented journey through nine tracks, spanning a total of 22 minutes playtime over the course of this mini album. Sonically, the music of ISYSXAE a.k.a. the result of intermingling several decades of sonic experience each contributing artist is weighing in can be described as rather shrieking and well extreme, meandering in between total chaos induced by FreeJazz and Free Improv, brooding and somewhat threatening DarkJazz vibes especially prevalent in tunes like "Gate 68" or the sub heavy "Eco Sword" as well as pure shrieking, proper nerve-wrecking and somewhat cathartic Noize excercises provided by cuts like "Cel Blanc", "Chlorophyll Mouth" or "900000 Wings" just to name a few. If you're feeling most at home at the fringes of extreme and experimental music this is defo one to add to your collection.


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