Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Quiver Vex - Hypnagogia [A Guide To Saints 031 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on March 25th, 2k22 via the Room40-offshoot A Guide To Saints as their 031 is "Hypnagogia", the latest seven track album piece produced by Quiver Vex. Inspired by and derived from '...the ethereal state between wakefulness and sleep...' according to the albums press sheet the 39 minutes spanning body of work presents an overall dreamlike quality gravitating towards the realm of IDM / Deep Listening Music from the very first seconds of the well monolithic Ambient / ChillOut opener "Pre Cog" onwards whilst the follow up that is "Is Benzo" leads the way into a realm of somewhat swampy, sci-fi-infused Space Ambient whereas "The Other Side Of Despair" is a fest for die-hard Ambient purists with its carefully layered pads, slow movements and almost naturalistic feel. The subsequent "Pillbox" sees Quiver Vex on a minimalistic, chiming and nocturnal path, taking Ambient to a slightly deeper, more solemn level in comparison to its predecessor, "Disappear Here" presents a perfect amalgamation of deep Electronica and droning, slowly spiralling Dark Ambient aesthetics as well as an almost outerworldy feel exceeding beyond the boundaries of space and time before the slightly washed out cut that is "Ephemera" provides even more depth and tender beauty whereas the final title track "Hypnagogia" presents brittle, fluttering textures atop a low frequency foundation almost bordering on the outer fringes of the audible spectrum for a spaced out - and well spatial - closing.


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