Friday, April 01, 2022

Various Artists - Katacombe Vol. 3 [Korm Plastics D 003]

Another one put out on the cassette tape circuit once again by the Korm Plastics D-camp in April of 2k21 is "Katacombe Vol. 3", the third issue of the 80s Industrial x Avantgarde x Power Electronics compilation series which was initially released via Schrei Records back in 1984. With the original audio being restored and remastered by Radboud Mens this numbered and limited to 100 copies edition brings back long lost cuts by acts like De Fabriek, Zombies Under Stress, Kapotte Muzik, Friends In Low Places, Arthur Berkhoff and others, offering a highly interesting, yet sonically partially disturbing glimpse into the ever active underground Industrial scene of the time which embraced elements inspired by ecstatic polyrhythmic tribal drumming alongside longing, braincell dissolving screeches as well as fever'ish, yet weirdly uplifting Minimal Electronics, grinding, desolate Rhythm Industrial, hypnotic echoes of avantgarde (No)Wave and (Post)PostPunk, hollow, metallic minimalist SynthWave, early, almost scientific sounding electronic sound experiments, twisted guitar feedbacks, haunting atmospheres, ProtoIndustrial driven by lo-fi drum machines and even highly experimental, yet distinct Dub influences which, in this combination, make "Katacombe Vol. 3" an excellent listening experience and an essential throwback into electronic music history. Get!

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