Sunday, April 17, 2022

Petr Kotik - The Plains At Gordium: Performed By Talujon [Unseen Worlds 039 Promo]

Released via the Unseen Worlds imprint in late 2k21 is "The Plains At Gordium: Performed By Talujon", the latest longplay composition piece created by Czech-born composer Petr Kotik. This piece, composed in 2004 and performed as well as recorded by the percussion-focusing ensemble that is Talujon in May of 2k18, covers a continuous total of 54 minutes runtime, starting out from a point of minimalist, slightly meandering rhythmic repetitions slowly developing towards a certain level of fragmentation and syncopation, presenting a dynamically measured, somewhat time defying stream of organic pulses that could easily be imagined as a neverending maximum loops providing the solemn, slightly ritualistic soundtrack and ambience for a buddhist temple or a similarly used venue of ancient origin. Deep Listening Music of another, more organic kind.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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