Monday, April 18, 2022

Painting - Painting Is Dead [Antime 034 Promo]

Released via Antime, the Berlin-based label run by former Frittenbude core member Martin Steer, on April 15th, 2k22 is "Painting Is Dead", the longplay debut conceived by by the trio known as Painting which are providing access to at least one layer of their meta art project 'Painting In 3D' through the five pieces on their roughly 37 minutes spanning album. Sonically the group, in parts emerging from the leftovers of the former label signing Soft Grid, seems to be a perfect fit for Antime labelwise, with the opener "Symmetrical Pattern" fusing multilayered, partially classical choir-oriented vocal works with dreamlike harmonies, captivating, highly energetic PostRock / MathRock patterns and a good portion of Indie awareness followed by the darker, almost fever'ish and ritualistic sunset vibe of "Maybe It's Like Riding In A Little Jeep" which even weighs in somewhat of a jazzed out PostPunk attitude at times. Furthermore "All My Eggs Go Down The Drain" presents Downtempo-, Jazz- as well as hyperchromatic Vaporwave-infused, purposely off-kilter vocal drama and a well surprising dynamic range which gives this piece an almost cinematic quality, "I'll Be A Shadow And A Cloud" is as touching of a song exceeding traditional songrwiting as it can be with its almost Anime-like vocal etherealism densely paired with spiralling synthesizers and powerful rhythm signatures before the concluding "Who Are The Pretty New Ducks In The Pond" starts out on a fluttering synth tip before going full on MathRock meets TexMex meets expressionist PostPunk (....and Dyse!) for a closing. If names like Superorganism or Nav Katze do mean something to you, "Painting Is Dead" might be a worthwhile addition to your personal stack of records. Good Stuff. Get.


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