Sunday, April 17, 2022

Xposed 4Heads - Planet A' Go-Go [Internal Combustion 004]

Coming in via mail from our stateside friends of the Xposed 4Heads only recently is "Planet A' Go-Go", the latest longplay outing by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based band outfit released on their very own Internal Combustion label and their fifth album since their first inception on the tape underground circuit of 1985. With a total of eleven new songs on - as they put it - limited black vinyl (sic!) the long standing group founded by singer and artistic head honcho Mark G.E. surely sticks true to their overall approach and attitude, from the tongue-and-cheek Production x Library Music leaning intro that is "Landing Theme" to rocking big time New Wave / SynthPop party bangers like "Suggestion Box", "Kink In The System" and "New Wave Apocalypse" whilst adding more of a slightly exaggerated and over the top Surf x 60s vibe to their originally Devo-informed sound with cuts like "Can't Fix This Funk", "Switch N Go" or "Fun Girls". Defo a well worthy follow up to their 2017 album "Urgency Squad" even though electric guitars and other Rock-related elements are featured way more prominently than ever on this one.


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