Friday, May 20, 2022

Randi Pontoppidan & Povl Kristian - Life In Life [Chant Records]

Released via Chant Records on May 6th, 2k22 is "Life In Life", the new collaborational longplay effort conceived by pianist x composer Povl Kristian and renowned vocalist x improviser x performer Randi Pontoppidan which share a distinct sonic vision over the course of eight new pieces and a total runtime of roughly 36 minutes. Based on a sparse, yet touching and powerful, in parts even noir'esque piano foundation laid down by Kristian Pontoppidan's voice unfolds in a remarkable and well exceptional fashion, exploring highest tonal heights in moments of crystal clear, floating and classically trained soprano performances whilst more Spoken Word-leaning non-vocalisms tend to reach for a more abstract approach, partly accompanied by electronic sweeps and multi-bleeps of probably modular origin whereas, yet in very rare outbursts, we see Randi Pontoppidan's voice explode in a raging and ravaging fashion, bringing forth guttural tones way beyond what one would expect the human voice being capable of. An album that defies any proper classification yet would probably sit well with lovers of classical Opera as well as fans and followers of anything Modern x Contemporary Classical these days.

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