Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Instruments Of Happiness - Slow, Quiet Music In Search Of Electric Happiness [Redshift Records]

Released via Canadian label Redshift Records on April 22nd, 2k22 is "Slow, Quiet Music In Search Of Electric Happiness", the third official full length album by the Montreal-based guitar ensemble known as Instruments Of Happiness in which the group comprised of Tim Brady, Jonathan Barriault, Simon Duschene and Francis Brunet Turcotte interprets a total of four pieces specifically commissioned for this album, each with an approximate playtime of roughly 14 minutes in total. These pieces, written by the likes of Louise Campbell, Rose Bolton, Andrew Noseworthy and Andrew Staniland were recorded live in Montreal on February 15, 2k20 under all necessary measures and precautions applied on the artists due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and provide a sonic ark spanning from the eerie, almost stage play suitable / score'esque, slightly twangy and nocturnal Desert Post-PostRock of the spine-tingling opening piece that is "Sideways" which slowly works its way towards heavy, multilayered and slightly Psychedelia-infused DesertRock to the subsequent "Nine Kinds Of Joy" which weighs in a sonic stream of a soft and droning, almost ethereal Ambient quality which makes one easily forget that these sounds are the result of an actual live performance and not electronically generated even though a slow progression towards a folksy, naturalistic variation of what might be called PopAmbient by fans and followers of Cologne's Kompakt Records label occurs later down the line. Furthermore "Traps, Taboos, Tradition" dives deep into the realm of stripped down, spatial and resonating electric guitar tones, providing us with a calm, all embracing and thought provoking deep listening approach before "Notre-Dame Is Burning" drifts off into a dream state of tempered feedbacks, large scale panoramas and distinct, masterfully executed solos which bring to mind a plethora of Cosmic-leaning releases which somewhat provided a sonic tapestry for many a trip-induced journey of the human mind throughout the 70s. If that's a thing you can relate to in some way or another " Slow, Quiet Music In Search Of Electric Happiness" might turn out to be a well valuable addition to your album collection for a reason. Check.

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