Thursday, May 19, 2022

Martin Weinreich - Points Of Entry: 1989 - 1995 [Hauch Records 025]

Put out on the circuit via Düsseldorf-based imprint Hauch Records in March, 2k22 is "Points Of Entry: 1989 - 1995", the fifteen tracks and 37 minutes spanning longplay solo debut by Martin Weinreich. Produced and recorded in Cologne the limited to 100 hand-numbered copies CD edition comes with an extended, slightly oversized 40 pages booklet featuring both black and white photos as well as a variety of quotes and fragmented memories certainly related to moments and things in the artists past as well as his musical influences of which quite a few are cited as so-called 'enablers' in the albums booklet, including bands like Eisenvater, Gunshot, Nitzer Ebb, Cypress Hill, Throbbing Gristle, Tricky, Readykill and others. With these influences in mind the music of "Points Of Entry: 1989 - 1995" falls into place immediately, a bleak and vantablack stream of sounds meandering in between dark'ish tectonic low end shifts and harsh Industrial Ambient / Rhythm Industrial, spanning from raw, lost and desolate post-tribal drumming to abrasive echoes of early Industrial music, dark electronics creeping up from hidden subsurface vaults as well as eerie takes on outerdimensional Dark Ambient scores seeping through from The Backrooms and other most monolithic sonic events which will turn your worst nightmares into extended journeys into the horrors hidden deep within. Highly recommended, yet not - we repeat: NOT - suitable for the faint hearted by any means.


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