Saturday, May 21, 2022

The D3VI7 - 100 Acid Trax / Ethnomite Pux - Acid Killer [Jaim Promo]

Coming in as a promo from the somewhat ominous and self-distributed Jaim imprint which seemingly carries out their digital label operations from a place hidden deep within the Chinese underground scene is this seven track split EP which combines tunes by German producer The D3VI7 and the local electronic music activist Ethnomite Pux. Opening with The D3VI7's "100 Acid Tracks 003" we're drawn straight into the heart of the dancefloor by a muscular, hyperdense, fast-paced, gooey and elastic Acid tool variation bringing forth eerie and whipping mechanical sounds to push punters to their very limits whilst the subsequent Ethnomite Pux tune "Acid Killer 1" provides a short and slow, highly experimental lo-fi snippet for die hard Acid-headz only before "100 Acid Tracks 005" takes on MonoAcid from a screaming, screeching and well psychotic angle, pairing multiple layers of braincell wrenching modulation madness with hard pumping drums for illegal fog-filled basement venues which give an actual shit about soundproofing and noise control. Furthermore "Acid Killer 2" surprisingly gravitates to what could be described as a filter-heavy, widescreen ItaloDisco vibe for fans of Kavinsky and the likes of as well as genres like (Neo)Cosmic or (Neo)Kraut, "100 Acid Tracks 004" follows through with some raw, highly compressed sawtooth Techno antigrooves which somehow evoke faint memories of Uwe Schmidt's long gone Atomu Shinzo project followed by "100 Acid Tracks 007" with its unpolished, spiralling, yet somewhat desolate and lost MonoAcid feel whereas the final cut that is "Acid Killer 3" brings forth intense, beatless and well retrofuturistic modulation sequences over the course of nearly 7 minutes and is the closest Ethnomite Pux comes to real spine-tingling Acid sounds on this one ever.


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