Sunday, May 15, 2022

Lagowski - Danger! Robots And Melting []

Coming in from long time standing UK-based artist and producer Andrew Lagowski a.k.a. Lagowski is his latest self-released album, the seven tracks and roughly 54 minutes spanning "Danger! Robots And Melting". Put out on the circuit as a limited, hand-numbered collectible CD-r edition of only 50 pieces worldwide  Lagowski's most recent longplay outing is not only a strong contender for one of the best album titles of all time ever but also provides another excellent example of the British artists unique and highly recognizable vision of sci-fi-infused electronic music, from the swinging Breakbeat Dubstep rhythms paired with playful IDM melodies in the albums opener "Kawaii Fractant" to the deep, hypnotic TechnoTrance vibes of the subsequent cut that is "Scatter 6" as well as the driving, yet atmospheric and uplifting Broken Techno sequences to be found in "Kill Devil Hills Mix 3" with its catchy synth melodies and distinct battle bleeps. Furthermore "Fact *Robovox Rework" weighs in ethereal, slowly building Ambient x Deep Listening Music for dedicated fans of Lagowski's S.E.T.I. project with somewhat of a dry, Phonk- / Electronica-leaning twist, the "Bubble Mixture" astoundingly gives off an dark and abstract Instrumental Grime vibe for those who love producers like East Man or Basic Rhythm and would be interesting to be seen being tackled by a plethora of spitting MC's whereas "1331" weighs in swinging ElectroPhonk for late night dancefloor vibeouts before "Purple 8" rounds things off on a hypnotic, spine-tingling and expertly layered RoboTech tip which could do some real damage in the hands of capable and highly adventurous DJ's out there, especially with the well unexpected drop of Balearic pads and guitars way deep into the tunes total runtime of roughly 5 minutes. Recommended for a reason, this.

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