Friday, May 06, 2022

Hanzzo - Resonanzz [Orks 008 Promo]

Released on the digital circuit via Orks as the labels 008 on March 20th, 2k22 is "Resonanzz", the latest single by German underground producer Hanzzo. With his original version of "Resonanzz" Hanzzo explores a realm of hefty, reverberating Bigroom Techno with a muffled, tool-oriented attitude whilst the subsequent rework by Mr. Wox brings on a cleaner, more stomping and compressed approach, focusing on functional filter works, echoes of eerie vocal samples and overall dark'ish atmospheres. Furthermore "Resonanzz *P.T.B.S Remix" approaches Hanzzo's original work from a well different angle, transforming the initial cut into a twisted variation of rhythmically complex Broken Techno hyperbrutalism before the final rework on this release sees The D3VI7 on studio duties, speeding things up on the fast lane for all contemporary HardTechno ravers out on strobe lit dancefloors these days. Overall a properly executed release from a technical point of view, yet a little too functional and nondescript to actually really stick out or impress.


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