Monday, May 09, 2022

Kaja Draksler - In Otherness Oneself [Unsounds 073]

Released via the more than two decades of continuous output strong Unsounds label on April 5th, 2k22 is "In Otherness Oneself", the latest longplay outing by Slovenian pianist x composer Kaja Draksler. Taking inspiration off of her ability to speak and understand multiple languages Draksler approached this album with a rough outline of an idea to develop a variety of different languages for her instrument of choice which finally ended up influencing one another at certain moments similar to how everyday languages and dialects are in a constant state of flux, exchange and dialogue, ending up with an end result that can be described as a deep and oftentimes stripped down take on Contemporary Classical music. Opening with an excerpt of a vintage recitation of a 1962-written poem followed by thoughtful, slightly romantic piano etudes Draksler sets the tone for all things to come, be it detailed and dramatic waves of sound, faint echoes of somewhat classical vocal performances to more Avantgarde-leaning, somewhat retrofuturist, agitated and computational pieces like "Prst, Roka, Laket" or even, if yet abstract, references to Jazz as well as experimental scores from a now long gone, monochromatic era of cinematography which are especially prevalent in bits like the second to last cut that is "Startonuti". One to check out for fans of modern solo piano performances and other variations of Modern Classical composition.

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