Sunday, May 08, 2022

Red Green Blue - The End And The Beginning [Astral Spirits Records]

Set for release on June 3rd, 2k22 via Austin, Texas-based label Astral Spirits Records is "The End And The Beginning" which marks the first ever longplay release for the American triplet of artists known as Red Green Blue who are joined by composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Ben La Mar Gay for the second cut of this extended two track album. Spanning a total of roughly 44 minutes "The Beginning" incorporates the first half of this release, fusing acoustic instruments and electronic sounds in a tender, slowly evolving fashion which amalgamates a comforting sense of ambience with both what could be described as Minimal Krautrock and a deep, slightly washed out Dark Jazz / Future Jazz approach, continuously drifting beyond the limitations of space and time whereas the aptly named piece "The End" provides a similar, yet somewhat lighter take on tender minimalisms whilst incorporating a few additional sequences of classic, free-floating to growingly intense Jazz improvisations with actual brass instruments and a certain sense of nocturnal melancholia present which probably makes this one more accessible to genre connaisseurs that haven't explored much at the fringes of what Jazz can be... yet. Deep.


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